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Next Generation leading middle and high school students at non-denominational church in Herndon, VA

Welcome to NXT GEN

at Southview!


Join us every Sunday
at 11:30am in the Southview Hangar, a place designed just for YOU.

What We're About:

We aim to guide students to Jesus, build community, and have fun in the process!

Student ministry provides topical series focused on the wonder of who God is, the discovery of who you are and how you relate to God, and the passion we should have for one another. Each series highlights one, two, or all three of these experiences in order to move students beyond information to a relational encounter with God.

The curriculum is designed to leave middle school and high school teens with the lasting understanding that:

01. I am created to pursue a genuine relationship with God

02. I belong to Jesus and can define who I am by what He says

03. I exist every day to demonstrate God's love to a broken world

Continue the conversation at home:

Parent Cue

Each week a Parent Cue will be delivered right to your inbox with a summary of the weekly lesson, things to think about, things to do, and words to say that you can easily do with your teenager during the regular rhythm of their week. The Parent Cue App helps you count the weeks and connects you with practical things to read, do or say to help you engage with the heart of your teenager this week.

Helpful Resources:

Parent at church in Herndon, va discussing helpful resources to assist them with parenting middle and high school students

For Parents:

Helpful resources for every stage of parenting.

Technology resources for parents of students at church in herndon, va
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