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Join us for Easter at
Southview Community Church in Herndon, VA

We're looking forward to celebrating Easter together with you and your family at the Southview Community Church in Herndon, VA!

Sunday, April 9, 2023


  • What is giving?
    We encourage Southview attenders to be generous with what God has put in our hands. The money that is given to Southview funds all the ministry that we do in our community and around the world through our online campus and global missions fund. As an ECFA accredited church, donors can be assured that money given is stewarded well and used in ways that advance the mission that God has given us. We teach that generosity begins by making it a priority in our lives. Choosing to not give sporadically, but instead regularly, is an intentional way of taking the first step toward a life of intentional generosity. After making generosity a priority, the next step we encourage people to take is to choose a percentage of their income that they will give. This increases our intentionality and helps us to recognize that everything that is placed in our hands is placed there by God, who has been so generous to us. When we give, we loosen the chains of materialism and self-focus that our culture teaches and models. The next step after establishing a consistent percentage is to progressively increase that percentage as God places more in our hands. We want our generosity to be ever-increasing, as the love of our Heavenly Father has been so abundantly poured out on us.
  • How does Southview minister to those in need?
    Our benevolence team at Southview administers a benevolence fund to help meet short term needs and address emergency situations. Southviewers can give an offering above our regular giving to the Benevolence Fund that will assist individuals and families in need. We also partner with Western Fairfax Christian Ministries (WFCM) to provide assistance to people in need in our community.
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