Gives children birth through preschool a first impression of their loving, Heavenly Father in such a way that it creates a lasting impression in the heart of a child.

Due to COVID, our physical location is closed. Gather together as a family and watch the newest video for preschool and elementary students uploaded by our team every Sunday!

in the heart of a preschooler

We believe preschool ministry is more than just babysitting. It's laying a critical foundation for faith in the life of a child.

The curriculum incites wonder by giving preschoolers a first impression (or look) at their loving heavenly Father. The curriculum keeps it simple and fun, repeating one basic truth about God all month long. It also helps children understand worship and introduces them to small group time. It's all part of the plan to help a child believe the three key elements of wonder by age five.

The curriculum helps preschoolers embrace a God who is bigger than their imagination and is designed so that each preschooler will grow up believing that:

Sundays at 11 a.m.

We meet every Sunday at 11 a.m. Kids can arrive as early as 10:45 to play and engage with some fun activities before we get started.

Large Group

The environment in which preschoolers come together for the Bible story and fun, energetic worship that will get them moving!

Small Groups

This is the part where kids review the Bible story and participate in fun activities that help them to apply the story to their lives to grow in their relationship with Jesus. This safe environment builds trust as children learn about God through the loving care of consistent leaders who embrace them in order to see God’s love and meet God’s family.


We will provide you with great weekly resources to continue the conversation at home.

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Children are never too young to hear about the God who made them and loves them.

Special words and rhymes are said/sung while rocking or changing babies

Playtime activities are provided to teach the monthly bottom line through one-on-one as well as small group play

Large group, with worship and story, is introduced along with small group activities to reinforce the monthly bottom line

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Continue the Conversation at Home

Parent Cue

Each week a Parent Cue will be delivered right to your inbox with a summary of the weekly lesson, things to think about, things to do, and words to say that you can easily do with your preschooler during the regular rhythm of their week. The Parent Cue App helps you count the weeks and connects you with practical things to read, do or say to help you engage with the heart of your preschooler this week.

Music We're Listening To

Check out this great music we listen to during worship time. Take it with you in the car or rock out at home.