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Day 38: “Get Her Out of Here”

“He regards the prayer of the destitute and does not despise their prayer.”

‒ Psalms 102: 17 (NIV)

It was finally the day to see my breathtaking bride walk down the pathway toward me. Soon, the gracious pastor gives me approval to kiss her; we’re now joined as one! Rushing to the reception to meet our family and friends, we arrive with minutes to spare and start to welcome them. Many of our friends and family members show up, with smiles, congratulations, and gifts. The day was perfect!

Yes, I’ll always remember our wedding day. Unfortunately, not every memory I have is perfect. A woman outside the reception venue was asking everyone who passed by for help. I nodded to let her know I acknowledged her existence even though I wasn’t going to give her money. As people were getting settled, the first topic of conversation was about the woman hassling them. She eventually made her way into the restaurant until the staff removed her.

I still pray for her frequently. Why would a room full of people who love God and have faith in the promises of the new covenant through the resurrection not help? Mostly, I wonder why I didn’t do something. No one spoke up for her, spoke back to her, or stopped others from talking about her. In that moment, it was almost as if no one believed even God could love a poor woman who was asking for help.

We’re much like the poor woman from that night. We need help that only God can give us but often ask everyone except God. I find comfort in knowing that no matter how needy we may feel, God still loves us.

I challenge each of you to pray for yourself because, really, we’re all destitute in some way or the other. Remember how much God loves you and don’t be afraid to share just how broken you really are.

- Shaun Hamilton

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