Day 36: Call on Him

“The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.”

‒ Psalm 145:18 (ESV)

“Ok, Google!, What's the weather like? Is there a lot of traffic this morning? Turn on the lights!" When we moved to Virginia, my husband went on a mission to make our home "smart." He put Google devices all over our house, introducing us all to the wonders of technology. I'm learning how to communicate with it, but Google doesn't always understand what I'm saying, go figure!

I wish I could ask, "Ok, Google who was I created to be? Why I was born? What should I do with my time today? How can I be an encouragement to others?"

Oh, wait, A Google home device revolutionary; we're created to question and wonder! It’s part of our inner design to communicate with our heavenly Father. It's like our heart is the wi-fi connection, and we’re connected through the Holy Spirit. Just like a smartphone connects to the internet, we can receive downloads and messages from the Lord through prayer.

Do you have hard questions? Are you disappointed? Do you feel let down by God? Do you feel uncertain about the future? Ask the Lord. Why wouldn't you want to go to our Heavenly Father for the answers in life? When we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, He gave us a new life and put us on the network of the Holy Spirit (Corinthians 2:10-16). Access Him just by calling upon His name.

- Michelle Han


Southview exists so that people far from God will be raised to new life in Jesus Christ.




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