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Day 23: Both Sides of the Card

“Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.” ‒ Psalm 103:1 (GNT)

Ah, a card! I tear open the big pink envelope. I glance to the right of the lovely Hallmark card and see "Wishing you a Happy Birthday." Then my eyes shift to left side where I see a note scrawled in blue ink.

One of my oldest friends writes, "Hey, M, I hope you have a great birthday, you are my special friend that I cherish…[insert inside joke and funny memory]. I'm so thankful for my friendship with you. :D Love you, E.

We often search to find the special card that expresses exactly what we want to say. Yet it’s the handwritten part, the parts that reminisce about your journey together, what you love about your friendship, the history shared, that makes you appreciate it.

As a worship leader, I lead the congregation in pre-written worship songs. But sometimes, I can't help but feel like we’re presenting God with "Hallmark" worship. The lyrics are powerful, yet I wonder if Jesus is looking on the left side of the card to see what you have to say to Him.

Do the songs that we sing at church fully express what you want to say? How would you tell him in your own words? Remember the times He has been such a good faithful friend, and when He showed up and you knew He was there. Imagine how He would feel receiving your handwritten song.

I encourage you to sing your own prayer song today. You'll be amazed by how it will unlock your heart.

- Michelle Han

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