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Day 18: Blessed By Others

"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." ‒ Matthew: 18:20 (NIV)

My youngest son Michael had kidney problems from birth and was in the hospital frequently. We were blessed by the power of “two or three gathering.” My teacher colleagues helped take care of my oldest son, Quintin, when I had to stay at the hospital. Women from the church started a caravan to transport Michael to the hospital when I was at work. The Lord sent people to pray and lay hands on him continually. He brought people to us that we didn't even know to help and support us.

We trusted and believed that the Lord would answer prayer. It was extremely hard to watch Michael suffer, and I went through a divorce while caring for my son. But the Lord gave me peace through these desperate times. Michael had a vision that there was a storehouse in heaven with different human parts, and the Lord told him that He would bless him. My son was blessed with four kidney transplants (including one from me).

God is good and faithful to give you hope when you think it’s hopeless. I challenge you to put the Lord first in your life. No matter how bleak things seem to be, know that when you stand firm in prayer with others the Lord is right there with you and he will see you through. The devil would love for us to stay silent and not share how our hearts are breaking. The Lord is faithful to bring people in your life that will pray and have compassion for your dilemma.

- Dianne Simons

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