Sundays at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.


Designed to give students the lasting understanding that...

I am created to pursue a geniune relationship with God

I belong to Jesus and can define who I am by what He says

I exist every day to demostrate God's love to a broken world


We seek to fuel passion in the hearts of a teenager that will mobilize them to do what Jesus did when He stepped on this planet.

Affirm Identity

Creating a safe place to process their doubts so they can begin to reconstruct and own their own faith

Consistent Leaders

Your student will be connected with two consistent small group leaders for the year that truly care about your student and want to help you win as a parent

Sundays at 4:00 p.m.

412 Students provides topical series focused on the wonder of who God is, the discovery of who you are and how you relate to God, and the passion we should have for one another. Each series highlights one, two, or all three of these experiences in order to move students beyond information to a relational encounter with God through a large group/small group format.

The curriculum is designed to leave middle school and high school teens with the lasting understanding that:

  • I am created to pursue a geniune relationship with God
  • I belong to Jesus and can define who I am by what He says
  • I exist every day to demostrate God's love to a broken world

Small Groups

Middle School Boys (6th-8th)
Middle School Girls (6th-8th)
High School Boys (9th-12th)
High School Girls (9th-12th)

What We Are Teaching - Limitless


Speed limits. Data limits. Time limits. Age limits. There’s nothing fun about having limits set between us and what we want. And although some limits are good, most of the time it just feels like we’d be better off without them. Many of us feel like our lives, our stories, and our futures are limited in one way or another—like who we are and who we can become have limits. This was especially true for one of the earliest and most famous guys in the Bible, Moses. Because of who he was, where he came from, and what he did, Moses must have felt like his potential was limited. But God had other plans. And through Moses’ story we’ll discover that when we allow God to direct our story, the possibilities are limitless.

30 Apr 2017

Week 1

You are not limited by your label.

Have you ever seen one of those movies about high school? You know the ones—the jocks keep their distance from the nerds, the cheerleaders ignore the band kids, and smart students avoid the skaters. Even though they’re just movies, we’d all probably say there’s some truth to them because we all know that in real life we’re sometimes defined by our labels. And even though not all labels are bad, they still have a way of making us feel stuck. Good or bad, true or untrue, labels have a way of creating limits on our lives. In the Bible, no one understood this better than Moses. But as we take a look at the start of his story, we’ll see that even though Moses’ life could have been limited by his label, God certainly wasn’t.

7 May 2017

Week 2

Don’t bury what God can build on.

When you hear names like Adele or LeBron James, chances are the first things that come to mind are music and basketball—the things they’ve done. And even though we aren’t celebrities, we’re all known for something, too. We’ve all done things and made choices that define us in the eyes of others. And while it’s nice to be defined by the good things we’ve done, we’d all probably agree that being known for a choice we’re not proud of has a way of limiting us. Believe it or not, Moses made a choice like that—a choice so bad he tried to run from it, hide it, and bury it away. But the good news is that while others tried to define Moses by his bad decision, God didn’t. In fact, God still wanted to use Moses in a huge way. With God, Moses’ life wasn’t limited by his past choices, and if we begin to embrace the way God sees us, our lives won’t be limited either.

14 May 2017

Week 3

Don’t let fear hold you back when God calls you forward.

Social media is great, but it has a way of making everyone else’s life look perfect. No one ever has a bad hair day, a boring Friday night, or a bad relationship on Instagram, right? No matter how great you have it, there’s something about social media that causes us to question ourselves. We see how great others seem to be, and it leaves us wondering what weakness or flaw is limiting us from being just as great. It makes us insecure, and if we’re not careful, that insecurity can end up holding us back more than we realize. Moses had the same experience. When God tasked him with a huge responsibility, Moses didn’t think he had what it took to get the job done. But as we watch how the story unfolds, we’ll discover the way God goes with us and uses us despite our perceived limitations.

21 May 2017

Week 4

Let God's words be your worth.

Messages come from just about everywhere. Teachers, coaches, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, family, TV, your phone—everyone is trying to tell us something. Some messages are easy to tune out, while others—the more personal ones—have a way of sticking. Not only do we listen to messages when they’re personal, we sometimes start to believe them. And whether we realize it or not, the positive and negative messages we believe have a way of directing the paths we choose for our lives. We make decisions about who we are and who we aren’t, what we’ll do and what we won’t do, because of the words we’ve heard. Moses found himself facing the same issue. And just like we do, he had a choice to make: Would he let the messages of others limit or direct his life? Or would he tune in to the only message that matters—the message from God? As we look one more time at his story this week, we’ll see just how important it is to let the message that defines us come from the One who made us.